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Welcome to Stateside Stories, the podcast that brings you in-depth coverage of today’s national news, with a focus on the state of Michigan. Join us as we explore the stories that matter to Michiganders, from policymakers in Lansing to entrepreneurs in Detroit and artists in Grand Rapids. Hosted by April Baer, this podcast is your daily source for engaging and informative conversations. Tune in and stay informed about the issues that impact Michigan.

UAW Workers Ratify Detroit 3 Contracts

In a recent development, UAW workers have ratified contracts with the Detroit 3 automakers. Yesterday, union workers approved a UAW contract with General Motors, and votes to approve the contracts with Stellantis and Ford will be completed tomorrow. This victory for the workers signifies an important milestone in labor relations. To shed more light on this topic, we have Michael Martinez, a reporter at Automotive News, joining us.

According to Martinez, these contracts include significant gains for the workers, including wage increases, improved benefits, and job security provisions. However, it’s important to note that not all workers voted in favor of the contracts. Some voiced concerns about certain aspects and voted “no.” This dissenting perspective adds depth to the discussion and highlights the diversity of opinions among the workforce.

One Year After Prop 3: Abortion Access in Michigan

Last year, Michigan passed Proposal 3, a ballot measure that added reproductive rights to the state constitution. This landmark decision aimed to protect and expand access to abortion care. However, the conversation around abortion access goes beyond its legality. Today, we’re diving deeper into this topic and exploring the Reproductive Health Act, which has implications for people seeking care in Michigan.

Joining us to discuss this issue are Kate Wells, a reporter at Michigan Radio, Genevieve Marnon, the legislative director at Right to Life of Michigan, and Ashlea Phenicie, the chief advocacy officer at Planned Parenthood of Michigan. Together, they provide unique perspectives on the current state of abortion access in Michigan and shed light on the ongoing efforts to ensure reproductive healthcare remains accessible.

The Big Ten Suspends Harbaugh: Sign-Stealing Scandal

The recent suspension of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh by the Big Ten has sparked discussions about a sign-stealing scandal and its impact on the football season. Al Martin, a sports reporter and host at WKAR, joins us to delve into the details of this controversy. We explore the allegations of sign-stealing, the consequences for the team and its coach, and what this means for the remainder of the football season.

Why Is the Legislature Breaking So Early?

The Michigan legislature’s decision to adjourn early this year raises questions about its motivations and the implications for pending legislation. Elena Durnbaugh, a Michigan House reporter at Gongwer News, and Lauren Gibbons, a politics and policy reporter at Bridge Michigan, join us to shed light on this matter. We discuss why the legislature made the decision to recess early, what has been accomplished thus far in the session, and what we can expect when the session resumes.

Third Culture Cooking with Jon Kung: A Culinary Fusion

If you’re a foodie on TikTok, you may already be familiar with Detroit-based chef Jon Kung. Their debut cookbook, “Kung Food,” offers a unique blend of Chinese and American recipes from a third-culture kitchen. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Jon Kung about their culinary journey and the inspiration behind their fusion cuisine. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds as we explore the world of third culture cooking.

Israeli Activist Calls for International Democracy

Against the backdrop of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, we hear from Shimri Zameret, a lecturer and researcher in International & Comparative Studies at the Donia Human Rights Center at the University of Michigan. Zameret shares their perspective as an Israeli peace activist and academic, advocating for an immediate ceasefire and a long-term solution through an international democratic process. Gain insights into the complex dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the search for sustainable peace.

Michiganders Fear For Relatives in Gaza

While Gaza may be thousands of miles away from Michigan, the violence there directly affects the lives of many Michiganders. Michigan is home to significant Arab and Muslim communities in the United States. In this episode, we hear from Briana Rice, a reporter at Michigan Radio, and Dr. Emad Shehada Faten, who shares her experience and fears for her relatives in Gaza. Through their stories, we gain a deeper understanding of the impact of the conflict on individuals and communities far from the frontlines.

Why Dems Lost Majority In State House

The recent mayoral victories in Metro Detroit have consequences beyond local government. Reps. Kevin Coleman and Lori Stone, both Democrats, won mayoral elections, resulting in a 54-54 tie between Democrats and Republicans in the Michigan House. Beth LeBlanc, reporter at The Detroit News, joins us to discuss the implications of this shift in power and what we can expect in the coming year. Stay tuned as we analyze the state of Michigan politics and the potential outcomes of this balance of power.

U-M’s Sign-Stealing Scandal: Impact on the Team

In a blow to the University of Michigan football program, allegations of sign-stealing have emerged. As we dive into this scandal, we explore its potential consequences for a team that has been a dominant force in college football. Michael Rosenberg, senior writer at Sports Illustrated, joins us to provide insights into the allegations and their potential impact on the team and coach Jim Harbaugh, who has a history of stirring controversy.

What the Reproductive Health Act Means for MI

The Michigan legislature recently passed portions of a bill package aimed at expanding access to abortion care in the state. In this segment, we examine the implications of this new legislation and the ongoing efforts of abortion rights advocates to further advance reproductive healthcare in Michigan. Joining us are Kate Wells, health reporter for Michigan Radio, and Rick Pluta, senior capitol correspondent for the Michigan Public Radio Network. Together, they provide comprehensive insights into the Reproductive Health Act and its significance for Michigan residents.

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